The Outdoor Center for Aviation Education (ACE)

What is ACE?

A family friendly educational center at Stafford Regional Airport that promotes aviation and ignites dreams of flight through interactive play. As EAA members and general aviation ambassadors, we want to create a welcoming environment at Stafford Regional Airport that invites and connects families to the airport. Our goal is to create a setting where children play and learn while they and their families watch and listen to the planes using the runway just a few hundred feet away.

Why the vision for ACE?

General aviation, which has increasingly become more inaccessible to the community, is an important, historically powerful seedbed for innovation. It is still critically relevant as our nation competes with others in science, technology, engineering & manufacturing. ACE is a means to reverse the trend of disconnect to general aviation and reach out to the community in a fun, educational, and interactive way. We think ACE is a great opportunity to achieve positive benefit for the community, and for the next generation of STEM enthusiasts.

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