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The EAA Young Eagles program was launched in 1992 to give interested young people, ages 8 - 17, an opportunity to go flying in a general aviation airplane. These flights are offered free of charge and are made possible through the generosity of EAA member volunteers.

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If your child is interested in taking an introductory flight and is between the ages of 8 and 17 please fill out and submit the following form:

Parent / Guardian First Name
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Child First Name
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Since 1992, more than 1.5 million Young Eagles have enjoyed a flight through the program. Young Eagles have been registered in more than 90 different countries and have been flown by more than 42,000 volunteer pilots.

Participation is easy. Fill out the online form below and you will be contacted by our chapter's Young Eagles coordinator:

We hope you enjoy a Young Eagles introduction to the exciting world of aviation. Make sure you come back to visit this web site after your flight to continue exploring the wonderful world of aviation!

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Young Eagles Registration Forms:

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The form must be printed on the same sheet of paper, back-to-back. If they are not on the same sheet of paper, they can not be accepted for insurance reasons. The form must also be filled out and signed by the Young Eagle and their parent or guardian.

Only forms printed in this manner can be accepted. Original hardcopy registration forms should be available at our rallies and only take a few minutes to complete.

Young Eagles Registration